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as a slender quantity. In distinction, Whilst a digital textual content features a length—which is sometimes represented which has a scroll or development bar—it has no apparent form or thickness. An e-reader usually weighs exactly the same, irrespective of whether that you are reading Proust's magnum opus or certainly one of Hemingway's short tales.

A short leather tongue, typically rounded with the corners, projecting from the head and/or tail on the spine on some bindings from the 7th to twelfth century, to facilitate removing of the volume from a storage chest. Just click here to find out an example with a 12th-century binding (Schøyen Collection, MS 021).

The acquisition of special legal rights inside a guide or other operate by a brand new publisher, following initial publication by An additional organization, in some cases the result of a lawful custody struggle, as in the situation on the lengthy battle concerning HarperCollins and Macmillan more than the U.S. legal rights to publish The Chronicles of Narnia

A scientific paper or short article describing study or other important developments inside of a subject of the used sciences. When submitted into a military company, this type of report can be categorised or matter to other restrictions on access. Just click here to connect with the Virtual Complex Experiences Center

Consequently, as well, could be drawn a weighty lesson in the little-regarded real truth, the act of your passing era may be the germ which can and should deliver excellent or evil fruit in the considerably-distant time; that, along with the seed in the just non permanent crop, which mortals term expediency, they inevitably sow the acorns of a far more enduring development, which may darkly overshadow their posterity.

In typography, any stroke of the letter or other character that does not stop inside of a serif. Terminals consist of finials

A novel, Enjoy, or Movie that makes thoughts More about the author of intensive excitement inside the reader or audience by depicting risky motion (crime, espionage, and many others.), generally culminating in a very narrow escape by which a high volume of suspense is taken care of as much as the ultimate denouement

Baldwin's next term of Business office as Premier → le second mandat de Baldwin en tant que premier ministre

A publishing dwelling that troubles books of curiosity to your educated reader, on the market in university and high quality retail bookstores, for example, Farrar, Straus and Giroux and St.

Be aware during the record for the sooner title. Most up-to-date entry cataloging is useful for integrating methods.

In bookbinding, a collecting consisting of a few sheets of paper, parchment, or vellum folded when to create six leaves, employed in certain manuscript books and early printed guides.

A leaf bigger compared to e-book block, normally bearing a map, table, diagram, large-angle photograph, or other illustration, sewn or tipped in and folded to ensure that it may be opened out for reference while the corresponding text is read through. Click this link to find out a hand-colored woodcut foldout landscape in Breydenbach's Pilgrimage

A map for which the primary goal should be to locate, recognize, and depict the measurable kind of organic geographic and man-made options over a part of the earth's surface area, in the limits of scale, generally by using contours, shading, hachures, and/or other usually means of symbolizing aid.

A three-character numeric code within the number of 0XX-9XX with XX = 01-99, Utilized in the MARC report to detect the type of knowledge contained inside of a area. The numbering process will allow fields being grouped by operate in hundreds.

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